19th Century marketing in a 21st Century world

Quickly growing a boutique 

business litigation firm through snail mail


The competition in the business litigation market is becoming increasingly cutthroat. While competing toe-to-toe with BigLaw firms has always been a challenge for small firms, there is an increasing number of boutique firms entering the market, making it harder for firms to win over new clients.

How can a boutique firm differentiate itself, standout from the pack, and gain new clients consistently in this new market landscape?This was the challenge brought to us by Medina McKelvey LLP, a California-based boutique litigation startup looking to aggressively grow its practice by gaining new business litigation clients.


Marketing is becoming increasingly digital. Consumers are being bombarded with more digital marketing messages than ever, whether through television, email, online advertising, text message, or instant messaging. As a result, consumers are being trained to ignore, filter out, redirect, skip, and block digital advertising. 

Understanding this, and knowing we needed to “zig” when everyone else was “zagging,” we decided to take an unorthodox approach – especially for an agency that specializes in digital marketing – to gaining new clients: Snail mail.


We partnered with Medina McKelvey to develop “pitch packets” that would be mailed next day with early morning delivery to potential clients who had just been sued. The packets would contain collateral with background information on the lawsuit, details on the lawyers that sued them, a personalized letter from the partners at Medina McKelvey, bio sheets on the partners, and a simple guide on how to best handle the types of case they were up against. 

These collateral pieces would be beautifully designed, packaged in a custom-designed 9×12 folder, and shipped inside a 10×13 bright orange envelope that matched the firm’s brand. A firm administrator would then follow-up with the potential client to gauge their interest in being represented by Medina McKelvey and schedule calls with the firm’s partners to move the process forward.


The “pitch packets” became the top-performing method to win new clients for the firm, offering a statistically consistent method to reliably grow the firm. The cost to produce and mail the pitch packets was greatly exceeded by the cases gained by the firm. 

“Vision Launchers marketing efforts have been the single most effective tool in our tool belt to land new clients and grow our firm.”

-Alex Medina, Medina McKelvey LLP

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