From simple startup to world-class firm

Aligning a firm’s brand with its client roster 


Lewis Llewellyn LLP is a relatively young boutique litigation firm. However, don’t let its age fool you. The firm’s client list includes companies such as Facebook, Tesla Motors, Oracle, Yelp, The Clorox Company, and Plantronics, to name a few.  

However, the firm’s brand had not been updated since its inception. From an outsider’s perspective, the firm appeared to be small with limited litigation experience, despite its client roster. The partners at the firm were embarrassed by their website and didn’t feel it conveyed the status they felt the firm should embody.

Lewis & Llewellyn wanted to reposition its firm to better match the expectations of the Fortune 100 firms it worked with, highlight its experience and qualities, increase its status in the market, and attract the best talent to the firm.


From the start, we knew a simple redesign of the firm’s existing website would not be enough to accomplish its goals and reposition the firm in the market. We needed to rethink how the firm talked about itself, the strategy behind how it presented itself, and finally, the visual identity it used to portray itself.


We engaged in a complete branding package for Lewis & Llewellyn that included a new visual identity for the firm, brand narrative development, messaging development, website development, and new collateral to bring every aspect of the firm into alignment with the new brand.


Lewis & Llewellyn is now regarded by its peers and associates as one of the most beautifully branded law firms they’ve seen. The firm’s experience and qualities are highlighted throughout the brand, namely on the firm’s website, and the firm is enjoying steady and consistent growth. Perhaps just as important, the firm’s partners feel proud to share their website and confident when potential clients or referrals vet their firm online.

“After launching our site, we received email after email with compliments. It’s been a huge differentiator for our firm in both design and strategy.”

-Paul Llewellyn, Lewis & Llwellyn LLP

Are you wanting to attract more clients, attract better talent, and increase your firm’s status?