The most powerful form of marketing

Building client trust through video


Kershaw Cook & Talley is a personal injury firm in Sacramento, Calif., with clients across the United States. With an increasing number of personal injury attorneys vying for the same cases, Kershaw Cook & Talley wanted to find a way to differentiate their firm from their competitors and win the trust of a potential client.


After meeting with Kershaw Cook & Talley to discuss the challenge, we were taken aback by their commitment to the plaintiffs they served. Their heart for justice and their deep-rooted desire to fight on behalf of their clients was instantly apparent to us. We knew that making this immediately apparent to their potential clients would help them earn the trust of their potential clients – trust that would ultimately result in higher conversions for the firm.


Knowing video can help form a connection beyond the written word, we felt the best way to help potential clients understand the true heart of the firm was to produce biographical videos on the firm’s attorneys, as well as create a firm overview video that expressed the reason why Kershaw Cook & Talley does what it does. Additionally, to highlight the firm’s experience and further boost a potential client’s confidence and trust in the firm, we produced a testimonial video that showcased the incredible experience a past-client had with the firm.


These videos, expertly crafted to highlight the heart of the firm and its attorneys, position Kershaw Cook & Talley to win more customers by increasing the level of trust the potential customer has in the firm. The videos, used in the firm’s online marketing efforts, help differentiate the firm from its customers and form stronger connections with clients who may never be able to meet the attorneys face to face. This resulted in increased inquiries and higher conversions.

“Vision Launchers’ video production is top-notch. Their storytelling and technical abilities outshine anyone we’ve used in the past.”

-Kelci Bradwell, Kershaw Cook & Talley PC 

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