Electric bikes for people that are sick of traffic

 Beat the commute

without breaking a sweat 

Join more than 25,000 people who are revolutionizing their commute, saving time,

and getting to the office without smelling like a pair of gym socks.


Stylish bikes that get attention


Ride electric and leave the car at home


Average annual gas savings of $1,200

Why waste your time bumper to bumper?

Time is the most precious commodity in life. The average American spends 42 hours a year in traffic. Commuters will loose approximately $76,800 in their lifetime due to lost productivity from traffic delays. About 86% of American workers commute every day. 

It’s time to get you out of traffic and back into your life!  

“Hands down, the best electric bike we’ve ever tested.”


Jeremy Acosta

Charged Cycles’ founder

I was about to lose my religion…

I was sitting there bumper to bumper missing my son’s first baseball game. A moment that only happens once! All because I left 10 minutes later than I should have and ended up in gridlock. As the exit approached the car in-front of me cut me off and my coffee spilled all over my pants. I began to form those world famous four letter words (you ever been there?) when I realized… I did this to myself. I began to reflect and I realized I spend 45 minutes a day in bumper-to-bumper traffic. I tried riding a bike in the past and sure, it saved time, but showing up to the office sweaty (and smelly) wasn’t going to cut it. And hauling a 50-pound bike up the stairs to my apartment flat-out sucked. So, I set out to build the best electric bike on the planet. And I succeeded. So if you are tired of missing the moments that matter like I was… this bike is your ticket out of the gridlock and back into the game! 

– Jeremy Acosta, Charged Bikes founder

25,000 riders 

More than 25,000 happy Charged Cycles customers around the globe.

50,000 gallons 

By riding a Charged Cycle, more than 50,000 gallons of fuel have been saved.

1.4 million miles 

More than 1 million miles have been logged on Charged Cycles by customers.

165,000 lbs. of CO2

By riding a Charged Cycle, 165,000 pounds of CO2 gas emissions have been saved.

Our Bikes

Urban Series

Fixed gear simplicity

Starting at $499

City Series

Practical and comfortable

Starting at $599

Cruiser Series

Laid back style

Starting at $399

How To Buy a Charged Cycle

Step 1: Stop by a dealer

With more than 250 dealers carrying Charged Cycle’s nationwide, finding a dealer near you is simple and easy.

Step 2: Get fitted

A professional rider will take your measurements to find the perfect Charged Cycle that will comfortably fit you.

Step 3: Ride on

Ride the bike away from the shop, or have it delivered the same day for free. We’ve made purchasing a bike easy.

You’re one click away from escaping gridlock!



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