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In partnership with WPEngine, one of the world’s largest and most secure WordPress hosting providers

Our hosting package offers a number of benefits specific to WordPress websites that you don’t get elsewhere… 

Nightly Backups

Delete a page on accident? Disgruntled employee sabotage your website? Website update gone awry? No problem. We keep a 30-day archive of nightly site backups, so we can restore your site to a prior version in just minutes.

Server-Based Cache

Advanced websites require numerous database calls. That means if your server is running slow or experiencing a high volume of traffic, your site’s performance can suffer. Luckily, we offer server-side caching, meaning we don’t need to run multiple database calls with each page load. This ensures your site will always load as fast as possible.

Malware/Virus Scanning

Inferior WordPress hosting platforms such as GoDaddy or BlueHost are highly susceptible to viruses and malware. We offer 24/7 malware and virus scanning to ensure your site is never infected. Additionally, we continuously scan plugins used on your site for security vulnerabilities and suggest updates as needed.

Built-in Staging

Want to edit an existing page, or build out a new page on your website, but don’t want the public to see it live on your website as you’re working on it? Our built-in, one-click staging solution allows you to clone your existing copy onto a private staging server, make the required edits, and then push the changes live after they’re ready for the public.

Automatic Updates

WordPress pushes out security updates continuously. While this ensures the platform is as secure and stable as possible, keeping up with the updates and checking to see if you’re running the latest version is a huge hassle. That’s why we automatically install all security patches for you once they are released.

Global CDN

We offer a robust content delivery network in multiple countries worldwide, including multiple servers in the United States. This ensures that your content will load from a server closest to the user, speeding up page load times. This also essentially makes your site impervious to a targeted Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.

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