• Begin Home Reservations Sooner

Begin home reservations sooner

The majority of homebuyers are wary of beginning the home purchase process before they can walk through a physical home. Even putting down a refundable deposit can feel scary to a first-time homebuyer that hasn’t yet experienced a physical model home. The virtual reality experience can give your home buyers the confidence they need to begin the reservation process long before going vertical with model homes. By physically walking through the home in a virtual environment, buyers can understand the space, look, feel and flow of the home they are interested in. It truly makes the homes real!

Create more community buzz

The virtual reality experience is amazing and unlike anything your buyers have experienced in the past. Once a potential homebuyer tries it for the first time, they can’t stop thinking about it. Most importantly, they talk about it with their friends and family. This leads to a level of buzz surrounding your community that you haven’t experienced in the past. Local news outlets are also mesmerized by the experience, often leading to multiple earned media opportunities.

Eliminate your design center

Along with helping potential buyers experience the layout and flow of a home, the virtual reality experience can also be utilized as a replacement for your physical design center. While in the immersive virtual reality experience, customers can change out materials such as flooring, counters and cabinet surfaces, select from available fixtures, change paint colors in each room and more. All their selections are saved into a virtual cart that can be easily referenced by a sales associate to draft up sales contracts. Not only is the experience of designing a house fun, homebuyers get to preview exactly what their home will look like once built leading to higher purchase satisfaction.

Streamline the sales process

The sales process can often feel disjointed and dependent upon a number of steps that take days or even weeks for a homebuyer to proceed through. They tour the models, then review available interior options with a sales associate, then schedule a visit at the design center to choose materials, then make another appointment with a sales associate to review pricing and so on. These various steps can be consolidated into a single virtual experience that can all be completed in an afternoon with less input from your sales associates. Not only does this significantly shorten the sales cycle, it reduces your staffing requirements and allows you to serve more buyers.

Make home buying fun

At the end of the day, all the technological, financial, marketing and sales benefits aside, we feel buying a home should be a fun, exciting and invigorating experience that homeowners will positively look back on for years. Virtual reality helps create a memorable experience for your homebuyer unlike anything they’ve experienced before, making purchasing a home both fun and exciting!

Reduce your overhead; increase profit

By utilizing virtual model homes, many typical costs associated with a physical model home complex can be eliminated. This includes security, climate control in the models, extra energy usage, cleaning services, repair and maintenance services, extra staff to manage the model complex, etc. From grand opening to sell out, tens of thousands of dollars – or even hundreds of thousands in larger communities – can be eliminated from the budget.

Don’t pay extra for fly-through renders

Standard video fly-through renders can be created along with the VR experience at no extra charge. Save yourself the extra expense of paying a firm to create “virtual tour” videos and have them created as part of your virtual reality package.

Don’t build furnished model homes

Your homes are recreated to scale in a virtual reality environment, along with furniture, decor, fixtures and more. The virtual reality experience gives your potential homebuyer an immersive, realistic experience of walking through a furnished model home. Many homebuilders and developers utilizing our virtual reality experience are savings tens of thousands of dollars per plan by not furnishing physical model homes and instead utilizing “virtual” model homes.