This website was intentionally built to not look like a master-planned community website. It carries lifestyle-oriented imagery and messaging we crafted to engage our users on three primary touch points: emotion, curiosity, and information.


The concept for this website was to create an online platform that drove curiosity, and created a desire to inquire for more information. Before we asked anyone to consider buying a home, we wanted to tell a story about why these homes matter and how they fit into the buyer’s lifestyle. This method led to an exceptionally strong response rate and gave us rapid conversion of our visitors from clickers to pre-qualified prospective buyers. Information on the website is presented in a way that is easy to discover, and we payed attention to modern web usage trends which showed that people prefered to scroll more and click less.

Consequently, we grouped information on fewer highly engaging pages, making it very easy to navigate the website and learn about the community. This also made it easy to compare floor plans between home types since all floor plans for each home type were displayed on a single page. In analyzing data from heat maps and scroll maps, we could see this strategy boosted the time spent on each page and that users preferred this method of content presentation.