Video is one of the most impactful methods of communication on the internet – particularly on social media. With a social-first strategy for The Mill, we knew video would need to be a core component of our marketing offering.


This video was designed to reach millennials by creating an experience that was values-driven and that amplified the heartbeat of the millennial generation, connecting The Mill at Broadway to their culture. The goal wasn’t to sell the homes themselves, but to sell the lifestyle the target market craved, and then introduce the homes as a vital component of that lifestyle. We wanted them to feel like we understood them and built with their lifestyle in mind. In order to help our target demographic understand the value of owning a home, we rebranded home ownership by introducing the idea that owning a home doesn’t mean settling down. At The Mill, you can own a home and still live free, be spontaneous, and enjoy life unrestricted. You can still “live on.”

The video and corresponding campaign received a reach of more than 150,000 individuals on Facebook alone, with impressive engagement statistics highlighted in the attachments. This video, coupled with the campaign, helped us earn more than 1,500 subscribers to The Mill interest list in a matter of weeks.

Live On Original Stories

We designed and launched a series of videos with the intention of leveraging the social equity of notable locals from Sacramento to gain a wider and more captive audience for The Mill. By telling dynamic ‘day in the lifestyle’ stories we showcased how people “live on” in downtown. These videos are designed to present The Mill to the community through the eyes of people the community already trust. The videos aren’t meant to be sales hooks but rather to give The Mill social credibility by allowing other locals to advocate on The Mill’s behalf.

We didn’t want people to think that their age was what qualified them to live at The Mill so we designed this video to highlight the idea that The Mill is for a lifestyle not an age.

After driving interest with the “Live On” series,  we needed a no-nonsense video that communicated the value of the community and what was to come once all of the community details were solidified. This video gave potential buyers a glimpse into what made the community so special.

Buyer Testimonials

During a private event at The Mill, we interviewed buyers on camera, asking why they chose to live at The Mill at Broadway and what they liked about the location and living in Sacramento. Both videos proved to have compelling narratives that resonated with other potential buyers, giving people on the fence more confidence in purchasing at The Mill.