Connecting with our audience and driving traffic across platforms.

Live Home Tours

We hosted a live, interactive tour of the model homes under construction utilizing Periscope, a live-streaming social network. We gave the public a room-by-room tour of our under-construction model homes, hosted by our builder Bardis Homes. After teasing the live tour on social media and our newsletter, each livestream got an average of 150 people tuning in live. We conducted 10 streams total – one for each model home. Viewers were able to ask questions about the homes and receive answers in real-time with our team. After this live event, we posted the livestreamed videos on Facebook, where each video got an additional 200-300 views. All of these videos views were targeted to potential local buyers that expressed interest in purchasing at The Mill. This proved to be a powerful and creative way to engage an audience using a new social media platform. We received much praise from the public who felt the use of Periscope was well executed and appreciated a chance to communicate directly with the builders and get a preview of the homes they are interested in purchasing.