Developing and engaging with a dedicated email list of interested buyers.


We created a pre-sale program to generate a list of pre-qualified individuals ready to buy at The Mill before they could even walk the models and before the homes officially went on sale. There were 29 homes available in the first release and the objective was to try to get reservations for at least half of those homes before the models were complete and the homes officially went on sale. The campaign exceeded our expectations by more than 500%.

The e-mail campaign was sent to nearly 1,400 members of our interest list. The campaign received 851 opens (62%) and 353 clicks (26%).

Within hours of sending the e-mail campaign, time slots began to fill up quickly We soon had to add an additional 60 time slots to ensure availability for all interested individuals. At the end of the campaign, more than 120 individuals booked pre-qualification appointments which translated into nearly 80 individuals being pre-qualified to purchase at The Mill. Ultimately, 87% of the individuals who participated in pre-qualification appointments had reserved a home, selling out the first release of homes before the models were even built.