The name wasn’t ethereal and nondescript. The Mill at Broadway represented location and cultural relevance. The name embodied the fusion of the old and the new and symbolized a new chapter for the city in that region of downtown. By fusing the old with a hint of the new and fusing it with a sense of place as well, we knew we’d come up with a name that would be timeless and relevant for many generations to come.


In creating the logo for The Mill, we aimed for a timeless design that would remain relevant for generations to come. We wanted to create a logo that was reminiscent of the rich history of The Mill at Broadway site. The hand-lettered logo for The Mill at Broadway incorporates both a modern and vintage look that directly appeals to our target audience of millennials and baby boomers, while still preserving the functionality and legibility required in a logo. The design and simple presentation is reminiscent of historical logos and emblems found stamped on fruit crates that were made on-site at the location when the Setzer Mill was operational in the 1920s and ’30s. The simple presentation also allowed the logo to be easily identifiable and support a variety of uses.


We really wanted our staff to look the part. We did not want to come across as corporate or stuffy so we designed a very unique t-shirt that our entire staff wore to the event. These shirts helped us designate who was on The Mill team but also made us look relatable and fun. The design featured a TS Eliot quote that was also outlined in a large sculpture that we were revealing as the closing act of the event.