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Check out the video on this page which explains how your brand could be helping you, or hurting you. A brand dictates how a customer will see you, what they will feel about you, how they understand and talk about you, and most importantly, how they differentiate you from everyone else.

Take 10 minutes to discover how your brand is positioned in the market by completing the assessment below. Upon submitting your answers, you will get an instant assessment of your brand, allowing you to determine where your brand is strong and where it may need more attention.

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Brand Clarity

“Brand Clarity” relates to how well you can put into words what your organization does. Often, we think we understand the purpose and role of our organizations, yet have a hard time articulating it in a short, concise, easy-to-understand way.

My organization has a one-sentence statement that explains what we do, who we serve, and why we do what we do
Upon first interaction with my organization, prospects instantly know the unique value I offer to them
If I were asked to talk about my company on a large stage, I would be 100% ready to present at a moment’s notice
It is easy for a person to explain to someone else what my company does
If a group of people were talking about my company, they would all use very similar words and phrases to describe what we do, why we exist, and what is different about us

Customer Perception

“Customer Perception” relates to how your customers perceive your organization in the market, especially when compared to your competitors. Obviously, positive customer perception is a strong indicator of success, so it is a critical component of the brand.

My clients find it easy to clearly see and understand how my organization serves them and why they need it
People feel clear about what my company does and have no problem explaining my company to others
My company delivers on our promises and exceeds customer expectations at every interaction
My company has detailed every single touchpoint along our customer’s journey with us and has intentionally designed each step to be positive, enjoyable, and as pleasant as possible

People are able to easily understand why they should care about my company, not my competitors

Customer Understanding

“Customer Understanding” relates to how well you understand and can relate with your customers, and whether you can identify who your ideal customer is. The more you understand about your customer, the easier it will be to connect with them.

I can clearly define in detail the specific type of customer my organization is best suited to serve
I find it easy to delineate between who I am for and who I am not for
When my perfect customer interacts with my company, they instantly know they are in the right place
I find it easy to get and keep a prospect’s attention
Past clients tell others about my company on a consistent basis

Market Understanding

“Market Understanding” relates to how well you understand the market and its ebbs and flows, and whether you keep tabs on how your organization is perceived in the market. The greater your market understanding, the greater your market dominance.

I can clearly state in 1-3 sentences why my company is credible, effective, and trustworthy
When people interact with my brand they instantly feel as though they can trust us even in the face of our competition
I take into account public opinion of my company and use it to better my positioning and messaging
I have a clear and informed awareness to the market’s constant perception of my company
I pay close attention not just to what I say about my company, but to what others say, as well

Market Solution

“Market Solution” relates to how well you have framed your company as a solution to a common problem. The strongest organizations find a way to position themselves as a solution to a painful, urgent, and required problem their customers face.

I clearly understand the specific problem my company solves in the market
My customers can articulate how my company is the unique solution to a specific market problem
When someone thinks of this specific problem, my company or organization is the first thing that comes to mind

I can clearly convey how my company is the solution to my customer’s problems

When people interact with my company or organization, they feel an urgent need to hire us, purchase from us, or engage with us

Market Differentiation

“Market Differentiation” relates to how you are positioned in the market when compared to your competitors. It is important for an organization to stand out and differentiate themselves from competitors, giving customers a clear alternative.

In a line up between my company and all its competitors, my company would stand out as the most unique, different, and noticeable
My company stands out in people’s minds when thinking about my industry
I can clearly and effectively communicate what makes my company unique and different from its competitors
People often talk about my company to others due to its unique qualities and attributes
People often use my company as an example of the “crowning jewel” in my industry

Visual Strategy

“Visual Strategy” relates to how your organization is visually represented in the market. Considering the highly visual nature of reaching customers in this day and age, having a strong visual identify that supports other aspects of your brand is critical.

My company is beautifully represented with design that matches our personality, heart, and culture
The visual representation of my company is consistent across all channels, mediums, and platforms
My company is visibly different and catches a prospect’s eye at first glance
My company doesn’t blend into the market and is visually different from every one else
When people look at my company, what they see is unexpected and memorable

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