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More than code

The only thing worse than no website is a bad website. People make assumptions about you and your business based on the look and functionality of your website. Are you being misrepresented online? Our custom-built websites are visually appealing, easy to navigate, simple to manage, powerful in function and totally social.

Whether you’re a young up-start needing a show-stopping website or a multi-million dollar company wanting to take their web presence to the next level, our designers and programmers work together to produce stunning creative designs powered by amazing web technology. Expect your site to be delivered on time, on budget and on target with the final result you envisioned the entire time.


It’s time to engage

People are designed to communicate, connect, and share. As the marketplace evolved, communication eroded. Brands became faceless logos that pitched pre-formatted messages to the masses via commercials. As consumer control of media developed so did the rebellion against such marketing antics. Fast-forward, delete, and mute became the weapons the masses used to extinguish the manipulation.

And now a shift has come. Social media is changing everything. It is the new interaction platform; a model of connection, communication, and engagement.

We can provide social media consulting, setup your social platforms, and give you the tools and resources you need to turn heads and get attention.




Go straight to the top

The first step to building anything awesome is learning to see what could be and should be rather than what is.

The second step is realizing that you don’t have to get there on your own.

As markets change, technology develops and trends emerge, chances are you need a fresh set of ideas for how to adapt and thrive. Ignore this practice to your own peril. We break through glass ceilings you’ve labored beneath, releasing the creative potential of new ideas and laying foundations for new business concepts.

We are 0 to 1 thinkers, creating new ideas, concepts and models yet to be invented. Call us crazy but we believe any concept or idea is possible. This injection of enthusiasm and creativity can rouse dormant businesses and fill them with new life. Our vast knowledge of various markets, technologies and business models can introduce game-changing ideas into your particular endeavor with the potential to change the landscape of your market.




More than a logo

A quality brand does more than generate exposure. It compels engagement.

At Vision Launchers, we take all the various components of your identity – the individual pieces of your business’ heart – and package it up into a strong, cohesive and compelling brand. Our branding process is just as much an art as it is business, allowing us to develop some of the most creative brands in today’s marketplace.

We provide assistance in creating integrated marketing campaigns, crafting a corporate message, developing a business name, designing a logo/mark, name and trademark acquisitions, brand marketing and brand consulting.




Capture what matters

Quality imagery and video can give a professional edge that separates you from your competition. Nothing compares to professionally shot images of your product, people, customers and places.

In this fast-paced world, the attention span of the average consumer is decreasing dramatically. This means businesses need to be more creative in how they deliver their message. Video can be an amazingly effective vehicle for grabbing and securing the attention of your audience.

Video is the only two-dimensional form of online communication where you can reach out and connect with your audience visually and audibly. There is no better tool for engaging your user online than video!

Our team is equipped to produce the best photos and videos around. From storyboarding, to scripting, to filming, to editing, to mastering and finally to publishing, we are able to get your message deployed.

Women Who Mean Business
Congrats to these Women Who Mean Business
Vision Launchers has been working in collaboration with the Sacramento Business Journal to highlight 16 women who mean business in Sacramento. The video profiles we produced on each woman are below.

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.
Joel A. Barker 
About Us
About Us

We Bring Ideas To Life

In early 2003, Vision Launchers was founded by Eric Knopf as a full service company that would meet the varying creative and technology needs for startups and growing businesses. Eric had a vision for a new way of helping ideas come to life. Instead of relying on multiple designers, programmers, consultants and agencies, Eric had a vision for bringing a diverse group of technical, creative, marketing and business experts all under one roof to work on projects together. The goal was to give clients a collaborative team that would bring the most innovative approaches to any size business.

You Dream It, We Build It

While our team is intentionally small, our results are big. Our award-winning design team is skilled in nearly every creative medium, including web development, printed media, photography and videography. No creative project is outside our reach or our expertise. We can also help you build effective and creative marketing and social media campaigns. Our network of advisors, CEOs, specialists and consultants allow us to meet nearly any challenge or objective along the way.

Your Success is Our Success

Vision Launchers is headquartered in downtown Sacramento. Over eight years later, as the Founder, Eric is still intimately involved in every project from start to finish. There is no idea too small or endeavor too grand for our team. Our clients are our partners and the results are the pride of our organization. We love what we do and will be continuing to do it like no other company for years to come.

Passion For Entrepreneurship

Our crew is a dynamic group of entrepreneurs who love seeing ideas get taken off the white board and made a reality. Some of us have been entrepreneurs since we were kids – literally. We get no greater joy than when we help an individual fulfill a lifelong dream of starting their own business, leaving the 9-5 rat race and becoming a successful entrepreneur!

Gerald Griffin

Systems Integration

I can best be described as a solutions artist who lives to solve complex problems in innovative ways. I am an audio engineer, drift fanatic, and seasoned fisherman with an unquenchable thirst to learn more and improve things through systems. My mission in life is to engineer innovation to inspire organizations and people to improve themselves, and therefore help improve the world.

Russell Breton

Ideation Strategist

I am a passionate, driven, creative, adrenaline-craving entrepreneur. I dream, build, launch and then dream again. I aspire to inspire; to empower people to chase the life they were created to live. I help companies achieve greatness. I believe all things should be navigated by vision. Above all, I believe that life is too short to not do what you are passionate about every day.

David Martinelli

Creative Ninja

I’m inspired by the visual. I see graphic design, photography and videography as the most powerful communication tools available to us. They can instantly connect to the emotions that make us human. I seek to use these tools to cause a response in people. I love being an entrepreneur and I have a sincere passion for helping other entrepreneurs find success.

Dan LoDolce


There is no greater job than finding ways to help people achieve success. I’m passionate about identifying and connecting people with the tools they need to better their business. I take a small town customer service based approach to sales. We have many services available and, while all have value, you won’t be pressured into anything your business doesn’t need.

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